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Get a one time blast of SoundCloud plays and get your track charting! Blessed be our low prices.

What you get and cost…

5k SoundCloud Worldwide Plays • $5

10K SoundCloud  Worldwide Plays • $10

25K SoundCloud Worldwide Plays • $25

100k SoundCloud  Worldwide Plays • $75

1 Million SoundCloud Worldwide Plays  • $100


10k US SoundCloud Plays $20 

50k US SoundCloud Plays $145

100k US SoundCloud Plays $275

1 Million US SoundCloud Plays $1000


SoundCloud Bundles NEW!

5k SoundCloud Plays/100 Likes/100 Reposts/20 Random Comments $20

25k SoundCloud Plays/500 Likes/500 Reposts/50 Random Comments $50

100k SoundCloud Plays/1k Likes/1k Reposts/100 Random Comments $100


100 SoundCloud Followers $5 


Authentic Worldwide Plays ✔️

Chart Producing ✔️

*Paste SoundCloud URL on Order notes field. Plays splits available for purchases over 100k. If an album link is sent with an order under 100k, we will automatically process Track 1. Anything else, respond with one SoundCloud Track URL. No “Sets” permitted.